The Two Brothers - Bill and Harry Evans

The album featured on this website is related to the title of another album - We Will Meet Again. We Will Meet Again is the last album made by Bill Evans before his death in 1980. The song "We Will Meet Again" was written and dedicated to Bill's greatest influence - Harry Evans. I'm not going to write at length on just how much Harry Evans inspired Bill Evans. In my opinion when Harry Evans died in 1979 Bill Evans also died. And please bear in mind that this influence has very little to do with musical technique. This influence is very deep and personal, and this is exactly what one can feel when he or she listens to the music of Bill Evans.

Bill and Harry EvansPrior to my mothers death in 2013, I asked her to write her thoughts about the two brothers. She had a great way with words and feeling. Her thoughts were documented in a paper titled: The Two Brothers As I Knew Them. I also asked Bruce Spiegel of CBS to make sure he included my dad in his documentary film about Bill; which Bruce did do in a very real way. If you have a chance, I would strongly recommend you watch this film. Visit the official website to learn more: Bill Evans Time Remembered.

Bill writing to HarryFinally, there were many letters between my dad, Harry Evans and Bill - some of which are too personal to share; but suffice it to say that Bill and Harry were like soul mates. It was very common for Bill to write a quick note to Harry while on the road. An example is Bill's note to Harry when he won the Down Beat Readers Poll.