Music of Harry Evans

Here it is - the music of Harry Evans. You are free to download and distribute the music. The trio was recorded back in 1969 at the Camelot Club in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The trio consisted of: Harry Evans on Piano, Bob Burch on Bass, and Mike Bankston on Drums. A two record set was released in 1987 - limited pressing of 500 copies. The album was titled Someday We'll Be Together Again. The original album is listed below as volumes 1 and 2. There were a few outtakes that didn't make it to the LP - these are also listed below.

At our home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana it was a regular tradition for Harry to play around on the piano on Sunday afternoons. Harry, like Bill, enjoyed playing lines in a similar way with minor alteration during different takes. Yet at the same time this playing is very much a free form experiment; something I like to call The Art of Piano Doodling. You can get a sample of this by listening to Harry's solo playing - downloaded from this web page. It's worth noting that Bill Evans would visit us in Baton Rouge and he would also play in a very free form way. It was during one of these sessions that Bill discovered something new that he was anxious to introduce into his trio. So you might say that our Sunday living room sessions provided a catalyst for innovation. As a matter of reference, this piano (which had a very rich acoustic sound) now resides in my older sister's home Debby. Debby being the Waltz for Debby that Bill wrote a song for; perhaps his most famous composition.

Note: In order to make it easy to download each MP3 file, each MP3 file has been zipped. You can also click on the MP3 file and listen